Can You Guarantee Me a Fast Divorce?

I’m asked a lot by prospective clients if I can guarantee them a fast divorce.  The truth is that there are way too many factors that go into determining how long your case is going to be to that I just can’t guarantee that it will be done within a certain amount of time.  However, based on my exerience handling similar cases in the past, I should be able to give you a good approximation of how long it will take your case to be resolved.

Some of the factors that determine how long it will take to resolve your divorce case in South Carolina are:

  1. The contested issues in your case.  How many there are and what type of issues are they?  Are we fighting only about child support or are custody, visitation, and alimony also at issue?  Perhaps you and your spouse have already reached a complete agreement about how things will be resolved between you.
  2. What county are you filing in?  Some counties are pretty fast about moving cases through, others are not.  This is a factor of the backlog of cases and the number of family court judges in each particular county.  Some cases can be done is about 60 days in one county and over 6 months in another so venue is extremely important.
  3. Who the parties are?  Are you and your spouse both stubborn.  Do you definitely feel like you won’t agree unless it is totally, 100% on your terms?  Your and your spouse’s willingness to cooperate and compromise are factors in the length of time it takes to get divorced in South Carolina.

If you would like to discuss your particular case, I would love to meet with you at no obligation or cost to you to discuss your South Carolina divorce matter.  Our meeting is confidential and free.  You may contact me through the “Connect with Us” page or by calling my office directly.

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