Divorce for No Sex in Over 1 Year

When things get sour in a marriage one of the first things usually to go is sex and usually one of the parties (not always the guy!) takes it personally and gets pretty upset about it.  I have heard it termed that the withholding party was not living up to their “Marriage Contract”.  But can you get a divorce on that ground?  A lot of times, people begin to think that is a really good reason for a divorce and an even better reason for their spouse to get nothing (property division and alimony) in the divorce.

In Maryland, two legislators have filed a bill that, if passed, would allow a divorce on the grounds of no sex for a year.  Alleging that it would ease the financial burdens on families who want a divorce but can’t afford to support two households.  (The finanical dilemma of supporting two households after a separation is a huge problem in almost any divorce).

But, in South Carolina the no sex argument is not going to work to get you a divorce.  Basically, you are still stuck with the same five options for divorce grounds: physical cruelty, habitual drunkenness, abandonment, adultery and the no fault ground of living in separate residences for more than one year (which by default also means no sex for more than one year).

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