Helping Children Cope with Divorce Seminar

Compass of Carolina will be presenting a seminar on the topic of helping Children cope with divorce.  The seminar is scheduled for October 10, 2009 and is a four hour program designed for parents who are going through or have completed their divorce and forcueses on helping parents develop a cooperative co-parenting relationship and teaches parents the skills useful in helping their children adjust to the divorce and the life changes that accompany divorce.  The program begins at 9 am and concludes at 1 pm.

For more information, visit the Compass of Carolina website.

There is a cost to attend an they require you tor register in advance.  The link above has all of the information about cost, scheduling, and registration.


  1. I would like information on attending… I am going through a terrible divorce and want to make things eaiser on my son. Im willing to learn ,

    • Hi Matthew,

      It’s great that you’re taking the opportunity to better yourself and help your son through this difficult time in his life as well. I think everyone can agree, there is nothing more important than our children. I think you will need to contact Compass of Carolina to register to attend the event. I will put some information back in the original post about their web site and registration.

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