How Do We Get Into a Marriage?

Well, this blog talks a lot about divorce issues and how to get out of a marriage, but so far we haven’t talked about how to get into a marriage.  In South Carolina there are two ways to get married and over the next couple of days we will talk about each way to get married.

The first way is a statutory marriage.  This is what you think of when you and your bride/groom-to-be run down to the local probate court and fill out your marriage license request and then a few weeks later you gather together with 500 of your closest friends to celebrate the big day.  Check out our post later on to see what the requirements are for you to qualify for that marriage license.

The second way for you to get  married in South Carolina is more passive.  You may not even intend to be married, but you could in fact be married according to a judge.  Yup, it’s the old fashioned common law marriage.  When we talk about common law marriage we will define it as well as put down some of the rumors and incorrect ways of being “common law married.”

So stay tuned and prepare for these new posts coming in the days ahead.

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