Is a Divorce Final the Day of the Hearing in South Carolina

So you’ve made it.  You are scheduled for your final divorce hearing and you just want to know when your case is going to be final and over with.  Your case is not necessarily final and done on the day of your final hearing, but in many cases it is.

Before your case is final, the judge must sign a divorce decree or a final order.  This order must then be filed with the clerk of court’s office.  In many uncontested cases, I make sure that I have prepared the orders prior to the hearing so the judge may sign the order while we are in the court room.  This helps speed up the process and usually I can safely confirm that you are officially divorced.  However, in some cases, the judge may take all of the evidence under advisement and make a decision at a later time.  In some cases, you do not know what the judge is going to order so you cannot prepare an order ahead of time.   At this point, you must prepare the order after the hearing and sometimes it can take a few weeks to get the order back from the Court.

The simple answer is that it usually depends on the complexity of the case and the length of the final hearing to determine how long it is going to take to have your case finalized and your divorce official.

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