Questions to Get Answered Before Getting Married

As a divorce lawyer I meet with people in bad marriages every day.  The marriages we discuss are widely varied and come in all shapes and sizes.  It is always sad when a marriage doesn’t work out no matter how long it lasted, but there is something puzzling that I can’t quite put my finger on about marriages that last only a few weeks or months.  Sometimes, I think the breakdown of these marriages has to do with communication issues or just varied future plans.

I ran across as list of marriage questions you should discuss with your future spouse before you get married.  These are questions about the decision to get married in general, family questions like how many children should you have, what religious beliefs do you have, what are your thoughts and ideas about money and how we will manage money as a family, will both of us work or not, what types of values do you have, what are your family values, what is your family relationship like, etc.

I think you will find the article thought provoking and helpful to make sure you are making the right decision before you get into a marriage.

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