Recommended Resources

Additional Resources to Help you Through Separation and Divorce

Having a stable support system and reliable information are key to helping you get through the process of separation and divorce in the healthiest way possible. Make sure that you surround yourself with positive people who have your best interest at heart.

Avoid bashing your spouse, especially in front of the children. Make sure that time you spend with family and friends is not solely focused on your marital situation. You need time to escape from that by enjoying activities and events that don’t focus on your situation. The more you talk about it, the bigger the situation seems to be.

There is no doubt that the separation and divorce process are some of the most stressful times you may face. You’ll need to get good advice and will want to share your feelings with others, but make sure that in sharing your struggles and receiving advice that you are doing so in positive ways that build you up and give you confidence.

The resources below offer valuable advice and tools that can help you through your separation and divorce.


Divorce Support

This website provides good general information about all aspects of divorce and issues leading to divorce including domestic abuse, infidelity, emotional issues, issues specific to children and financial issues.

Divorce Care

This is a great resource for finding information relating to Christians and divorce. The site provides resources as well as a way to search for Divorce Care groups in your area. There are also DivorceCare for Kids resources and groups available.  You can opt-in to the 1 Day at a Time email service for daily encouragement.

Lemonade Divorce

As its name suggests, Lemonade Divorce offers advice and resources to help those going through a divorce. The site’s owner, Attorney Alison Patton, has a legal practice in California. Be aware that legal advice she provides may be specific to that state so you will want to contact a family law attorney in your state for specific rules and laws that may pertain to your situation.


This website has LOTS of pieces to it.  It’s easy to navigate and provides information regarding the emotional side of divorce, how to talk to your children about divorce, what to expect during the divorce process and advice dealing with financial realities of divorce.


This site is directed at men and has solid advice for fathers. The one downside to this site is that it focuses on the shortcomings of the legal system and can be a bit negative at times. That being said, this site does provide articles and advice that address specific issues that men face during custody disputes.