South Carolina Uncontested Divorce Clinic

If you reside in South Carolina you can participate in a “Pro Se Uncontested Divorce Clinic” that are being scheduled around the state and put on by South Carolina Legal Services.  The calendar for these seminars is located at the South Carolina Legal Services website.  

In order to attend this clinic and be able to file for your uncontested divorce – you should be filing for divorce on the grounds of more than one year’s continuous separation, have no property or debt to divide, have no minor children, and you must know where your spouse resides.

In order to attend the clinic you need to register beforehand.  Please check out the South Carolina Legal Services web site for more information about upcoming clinics and to get registration information.


  1. september says:

    I need help on getting a uncontested divorce me and my ex have been separated since 2007 and he was always and jail never took care of me or anything

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