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If you are just starting to consider the separation/divorce process or you just don’t know where to start, this will be a great place to get started learning about the different issues as we link you up to resources, articles, and tools.

You want to file for divorce:

What are the grounds for divorce in South Carolina

What is an uncontested divorce?

Do I have to notify my spouse of the divorce?

Do we have to be separated to file for divorce? 

Separate Support and Maintenance/Legal Separation

Should I consider filing for legal separation?

You have been served with divorce papers

What to do when you have been served with divorce papers

When you have been served with divorce papers

Custody and Visitation of Children

5 Child Custody Tips

Moms automatically win custody of children, right?

When can a child determine which parent he/she will live with?

Do father’s have custody rights when the parents are not married?

Child Support

In South Carolina, Child Support is determined in most cases by use of the South Carolina Child Support Guidelines.  The SC Child Support Guidelines and the amount of child support that is ordered in a particular case is a function of both parent’s gross monthly income (the amount you earn before income taxes are withheld), the number of children being supported, if you pay child support for other children already, if you have custody of biological children, the premiums for health insurance for the children, and work related childcare expenses.

There is a convenient calculator you can use to estimate child support for your particular case:

South Carolina Child Support Calculator

Video: How to use the SC Child Support Calculator

Division of Property/Debts in Divorce

How South Carolina Family Courts Divide Marital Assets and Debts


Learning about alimony in South Carolina

Temporary Hearings

Divorce Process: What is a Temporary Hearing

What is a Divorce Temporary Hearing

Definition: Temporary Divorce Hearing

Temporary Hearing – What’s Next?

What Happens After my Temporary Hearing?

Is there an Advantage to Winning at the Temporary Hearing?

What Goes in my Affidavit?

 Impact of Divorce on Estate Planning Documents and probate

Divorce and Estate Planning