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Welcome to UpstateFamilyLawBlog.com an online conversation  about South Carolina divorce and family law written by a South Carolina divorce and family law attorney.  If you are a return visitor you will notice that things look a little different around here…and probably a little bare.  We had some technical difficulties and learned the hard way about backing up our databases.  We recently lost the last 30 or so articles and posts we had up.  We are in the process of recreating many of those.  In the meantime, please submit your question to me directly by e-mail or through the comments on this page. While we have a clean start we are implementing a new site design and getting ready to add new multimedia content that will hopefully help you no matter what your best learning style is.

I also want to congratulate you on taking the first step in learning more about your case.  I hope you will find everything you need on this site to answer your questions.  Undoubtedy, though, you will have more questions because of specific facts in your case.  If that is the case, please use the connect with us page to find my contact information or use an e-mail form OR contact me through e-mail directly with your question.

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