What does Twitter Archive mean to your divorce or custody case?

Screenshot_3_11_13_1_46_PMWhat will Twitter Archive mean to your case?  Social media evidence has come into use greatly over the last couple of years.  And, why not?  People record and publish their every move throughout the day – the mundane and of course the exciting highlights.

But, many people fail to use common sense when they post to social media.  They forget that they are embroiled in a highly contested custody case or a divorce matter where they have been accused of being a drunk or having an affair.

I’ve written about social media use in trial before (here and here) so you can find out how these things can be used against you, but the saving grace before was that it was difficult to get companies like Twitter and Facebook to comply with subpoenas to provide all of your tweets or status updates or things were only archived for public viewing for a short period of time.  However, now Twitter Archive allows each individual member of twitter to download their entire tweet history back to when they joined Twitter.  So as part of a Request to Produce a copy of your Twitter Archive could be requested by your spouse and every tweet you sent out could be used against you in your case.

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