Where can I find an Uncontested Divorce?

People want to know about uncontested divorces.  They want to know if there are ways they can file the paperwork themselves because they are wanting to get through the divorce process without spending an arm and a leg on legal fees much less on paying support and alimony.

An uncontested divorce means that there is nothing to contest, nada, zilch, zip, zero.  But what a good divorce lawyer can help you with is identifying things that you may assume or not even think of at all which complicate your divorce more than you expected.  Many times, people will complain that the lawyer is just stirring up the pot so he/she can bill more fees.  But, I disagree.  The lawyer has studied and trained in the law.  It is their job in advising their client to help them apply the law and facts of the case in the best light for the client.  They are also required to to advise the client of their rights.  This is not the lawyer’s life or case – it belongs to the client.  How can the client make a good, rational, well-thought out and considerate decision without knowing what their rights are under the law.  So when lawyers are accused of stirring things up, they are really trying to advise their clients of their rights under the law.

Back to uncontested divorces.  There are really only a handful of issues in a divorce or family law case.  Typically, the issues are grounds for divorce, custody of minor children, support of minor children, visitation with the minor children for the non-custodial parent, division of marital assets and debts, and spousal support.  There are some other issues and there are many nuances to the issues above, but very simply, it breaks down like stated above.  A typical divorce that would be considered “uncontested” in South Carolina is when the grounds are the no-fault ground for divorce (one year separation), when there are no assets or debts to be divided, neither party is seeking any support from the other and there are no children of the marriage.  If there is even one hitch or issue, then the case is not “uncontested.”

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