Who’s the Star of Your Case?


Heeeeeeeeerrrrreeeee’s Johnny!  Actually, when it comes to your divorce case, you can insert your name.  You will be the star of your case.  You are going to be front and center throughout the case.  A lot of decisions will be required of you throughout your divorce case.  If your case goes to a trial, you will be required to testify and may spend a good deal of time on the witness stand.

Not only will you be “on stage” during your trial, but your actions will be under close scrutiny throughout the entire time of your marital litigation.  Every move you make could be used against you in your trial.  My best advice would be that you should be on guard.  Understand that you will be scrutinized.  Use common sense.

Don’t do things that you will be used against you in the trial.  Don’t start dating too soon.  Don’t talk bad about your spouse in front of your children.  Don’t trash your spouse to the guardian ad litem.  Don’t discuss the case with your children.

Just keep in mind that you are the star and you are on stage during the course of your divorce case.  If you have questions about your divorce case, I would be glad to meet with you to discuss your divorce case.

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